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Thermal Imaging Inspection Services
Be proactive in keeping your business up and running through the use of thermal imaging inspections!  Thermal imaging inspections are safer, faster and more accurate than common troubleshooting of predictive and preventive maintenance currently used.  Additional benefits of thermal imaging inspections include:
  • Increase efficiency of inspections 
  • Improve equipment maintenance
  • Increase equipment reliability
  • Improve equipment safety
  • Save money
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JCM Electrical now provides thermal imaging inspections offers significant advantages to your company in disc overing and diagnosing potential breakdowns, performing routine maintenance, and confirming repairs have been made correctly. We specialize in electrical thermal inspections for commercial and industrial environments. JCM Electrical also is certified to perform plumbing thermal inspections, and residential thermal inspections.

Since most electrical and mechanical problems are caused by rising temperatures we are able to provide more efficient inspections. Inspections are more efficient because thermal imaging cameras capture heat omitted from equpiment, that is invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging inspections can also be performed quickly and at a safe distance from objects that are very hot or moving, difficult to reach, impossible to shut off, or dangerous to contact.
Additional problems JCM Electrical can detect early through our new thermal imaging services include:
  • Wiring mistakes in relays and switches
  • Overload issues in motors or pumps
  • Component failures in circuit boards
  • Issues in temperature - hot or cold
  • Gas, air or stream leaks in pipes
  • Moisture in walls or under roof or floors

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